A third LHD for Australia -and carrier dreams.

The world is changing, and not for the better. With Mattis’s resignation still ringing with allies and the US takes another leap towards transactional operation with allies and foes alike, there is a shift occuring.

Japan recently announced it would modify two of its curiously identified Helicopter destroyers to become aircraft carriers, and it would also acquire F-35B’s to operate from them (in addition to its already recently ordered F-35A’s, which may no longer be locally made to speed delivery).

The UK has also sent its new super-carrier to America to start embarking F-35B’s as its airwing. A huge transition for the UK, who has been without a carrier since its retirement of its harrier carriers, which were pretty marginal in recent years, as the Harriers are well past being front line aircraft, particularly against a peer adversary.

Italy has also put in its smaller Cavour aircraft carrier, which has been operating with the now ancient Harriers, to be refitted for F-35B operation, possibly a significant refit, including a lengthening of the ship. In addition they have announce construction of a LHD, a rather large ship of 33,000t and ~245m, also capable of F-35B operations.

Turkey has also commenced construction of their LHD and Aircraft carrier, based off the same Spanish design as the Canberra class.

So, we are looking at a wave of smaller carriers as medium or regional powers jnmmjbnm;LXKjz’jmnK cklkx;\’ZK|K’spafir9u8w3MGDOMUJXWUISDHAYWUIUSUDSpo

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