The Great US-NorK summit. Peace in our times.

Singapore summit echoes Hitler-Chamberlain meeting in 1938, but offering ‘lots of great condos’ in our time

Well, lets just say Australia is extremely skeptical of the entire thing. For many reasons.

China is a clear winner from the Singapore summit with Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

He said all joint US and South Korean war games would cease, to match a freeze of North Korean nuclear and missile tests.

It’s a signal to China that their demands are being met and raises hopes that China’s strategic interests can further be served.

In the coming rounds of meetings and negotiations China will push for at the very least a ‘redefinition’ of the 28,000 US troops in South Korea to ‘peacekeepers’.

Mr Trump himself said he eventually wants the troops to come home.

This is a golden opportunity for China to consolidate its ambitions of dominance in Asia.

The American troop presence in South Korea — with their massive bases — are the biggest projection of US power into the region. With a dilution of that China stands to gain.

This will be taken locally that the US is pulling out of the region.

While it may be the path to de-escalating the Koreas, it will be making a lot of countries pretty nervous.

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